Science Centre

Set amidst the bustling city of Surat, a rapidly developing economy, the Science Centre does a great deal in glorifying the explosive growth of the city. From housing thematic galleries that display a wide range of touching various factions of the world- Space, Cosmos, Polar, Textile, Diamond, etc. to a state of the art 3D amphitheatre that practically teleports you to a different dimension, the Science Centre of Surat has it all. They have a ‘Fun Science Gallery’ where over 50 exhibits have been displayed that give a fun twist to the various principles of science. Many of these exhibits allow guest participation in proving the theories by live experimentation.

The Science Centre is also equipped with a fully functional and undoubtedly extraordinary planetarium. Here, you can virtually teleport yourself to the stars, moons and planets of the universe and bring the astronaut in you to life. The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Museum is part of the Science Centre, and it does a great job at preserving and exalting the cultural heritage of our country. All these top-notch amenities and modern facilities make the Science Centre one of the most popular and frequently visited attractions for children and adults alike. Be sure to check out all of the attractions in the Science Centre to be blown away by what science can do.